How I'm Reacting to Kaoru's Existence in Shinkenger

Finally Kaoru is in action and she's apparently the true head of the Shiba clan leaving Takeru out. Well the backstory behind her existence is this- she was hidden to master the sealing technique and Takeru was used as a shadow warrior until she perfects the technique. On the other hand, Takeru is discouraged about the appearance of the "true leader" of the Shinkengers but I wonder how long will it last? But I can't stand Genta being berated by Kaoru's attendant and love the way she hits him. :-P

The thing is Kaoru herself has a hard time fitting with everyone making new adjustments as she is apparently the lady of the Shiba clan. Yes she is fascinating to hold a fight on her own as a woman but usually, women are more of managers than leaders in Sentai group, being more of a planner than a leader who helps straighten things up that men can't do. However Sentai had a few women to be actual leaders- Tsurihime in Kakuranger and Yuuri in Timeranger.

On the other hand, I can't help but be upset about how Genta and Takeru feel bad about the situation. Takeru doesn't realize however that the vassals like him for being him even if he was just a shadow warrior to guard the princess. I just hope Kaoru will decide to accept them back and maybe, and just maybe, she may be an important key player towards Takeru's true potential but hopefully, she doesn't die or something.


  1. The first time in Sentai history where a team consists of more females than males. And the first time where the team officially has three female members! :D

  2. There is something in that episode that I never really like and that is the use of Samurai Ha-Oh and the InrouMaru.

    Why the hell would Kaoru's Jii say harsh words to Genta and use his craftsmanship in the Ebi Origami? InrouMaru wouldn't even be in existence if not for Genta.

    Keep the things Genta made for himself and Takeru for them to use and not Kaoru's.


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