Red Rangers with Ill-Fated Romances

Certain red rangers do have the cliche of ill-fated romances, some more tragic, others less tragic. Let's just get down to that point.

Takeru/Red Mask had a forbidden love story with Mio/Princess Ial who was an ally from the Underground Kingdom of Tube. She was supposed to be their enemy but she fell in love with him anyway. Although he spent so much to save her even going to all the trouble to battle Baraba, Kiros and her twin sister Igam to do so, they still broke up in the end after Zeba's defeat. After all it was forbidden love. :-(

I find Jetman to be tragic- just imagine if the girlfriend you thought dead has been brainwashed into an agent of evil, she later feels guilty for sins she didn't do out of her own will and all? That was the story of Ryu Tendo and Rie Aoi. It was all about Ryu Tendo's greatest love of his life who he can't save and saw her die in front of him after she had returned to normal. I can't help but cry a lot during that dramatic scene where Radiguet kills Rie Aoi and Ryu Tendo weeps for her. :-( In the end, her spirit begged Ryu Tendo to let go and move on, that his battle with Radiguet was about justice and not vengeance.

Though Carranger was supposedly funny and light-hearted, however it had its own dark moments when Kyousuke Jinnai fell in love with the lovely Zonette soon enough. Before that, she was much in love with him. It was that love between them that caused Kyousuke Jinnai to fight suitless and eventually the rest of Bowzock to turn good to help the Carrangers defeat their leader Emperor Exhaus. In the end, Zonette still loved Kyousuke Jinnai even if she was no longer on Earth. It seems their love can't be realized.

Between rangers that is, Timeranger has the rather far-fetched one as Tatsuya is from the 20th century and Yuuri is from the 30th century as both of them can't be together due to time gaps and the timeline returns to normal after a rather intense finale. They had difficult decisions to face and that Yuuri was supposedly engaged to Tatsuya's look-alike in the future. It's just far complicated and all. Timeranger is way deep. :-P This was however not taken too much in Power Rangers Time Force.

I think Satoru Akashi had a girlfriend prior to becoming a Boukenger whom he lost in the mines, an incident he recalls in an earlier episode. However that was rather discarded after he was able to save his fellow rangers while he wasn't able to save his friends in the past.


  1. The scenes of Tatsuya and Yuuri, and Ryu and Maria was really a tear jerker. I gotta give it points for that. :)

  2. The Timeranger love story was simply sad...

  3. Oh yeah, Idk why but that relationship you mentioned in Maskman reminds me of Final Fantasy 10.

    Random, eh? lol :D

  4. Imagine a well-sucessful (and not ill-fated) Red romance between Jin/Red Flash and Russian cosmonaut-female warrior Irina/Silver Flash (Jin aged 53, Irina aged 38) on the 2016 Supernova Flashman reunion movie (concept, for a while). For instance, love between Jin and Irina is able to save the day because Jin will be Irina Yushchenko's first love and, as per the concept says, both Jin and Irina fall in love with each other (even when not fighting). Their romance will be different from the formers, unlike the previous ill-fated Red romances since Takeru and Ial.


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