Ryuranger the Heaven Hall Dragon

Hmm... another dragon-based red ranger and he was of Gosei Sentai Dairanger plus he's also a red ranger! Well I think he deserves a spotlight as a really badass martial artist or perhaps the most badass red ranger ever I believe he'd beat out every other badass red ranger ever.

He had one mysterious origin- and one he never new of that he was of the Dai lineage as his father was a Chinese man making him half-Chinese (and Lin is half-Chinese too). He had no idea about it until he was twenty three years old when the Gorma first attacked and threatened the world's safety once more. He was hesitant to become the red ranger when his mecha-to-be Ryuseioh until he realized if he doesn't, innocent people will die too- the pain of being a hero in a messed up world. :-(
He had his destiny and he realized he was half-Dai, his father was someone who worked with Dai and was lured to power and later married his Japanese mother thus giving him double heritage, some that considered a curse. He met his father as the villain Choryu or Cho Ru Hua. It was something he had a hard time accepting that his father was a defector to Gorma. The two made peace however but it was too late- his father gave his life so Dairenou can be formed. It was like the tragedy of Luke Skywalker with his father Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.

Though he wasn't the strongest but certainly, he was so badass a martial artist it somewhat got into his head at times. He had one badass moment was when his younger sister Youko got kidnapped by the three dumbest Gorma members whom he defeated singlehandedly in one battle but spared their lives. However in episode 21-22 he was kidnapped by Akomaru who sought to sacrifice him to impress the newly resurrected Gorma Emperor. He also had a hard time adjusting as Kou/Kibaranger had become the sixth ranger.
Inevitably Gorma gave him a good reason to be afraid as he met Jin Matoba in episode 26-27 who was a freelance assassin they hired to kill him. The two formed a big rivalry in martial arts and Ryu was outmatched. They had some out-of-suit battles and in-suit battles. Jin Matoba was a powerful opponent and it was here he sought to analyze such moves, practiced some more and developed a new technique to beat his opponent which he fully used on Pot Taoist, a rather awesome never duplicated multi-punch attack.

The last two battles happened in episode 35 and episode 39. It was in fact used by the Gorma in hopes of ending the winner's life. In episode 35, Zaidasu used Sgt. Cannon to try and kill him. At this point, he was saved by Jin Matoba who wanted to defeat him in fair combat. Their final battle in episode 39 didn't go to the death. It was sort of like a Sagat-Ryu relationship in Street Fighter.
Perhaps Ryou's most badass moment was to challenge Shaddam who was about to have the shortest reign as emperor in Gorma history. It was here when he encouraged the other Dairangers to finally draw out their jewels to dethrone the newly crowned Emperor Shaddam. When Emperor Shaddam lost his power (and his body was fading out anyway) the two dueled to one of the most badass moments as he fought without his suit. In a moment of irony, he got his knife and stabbed Shaddam and defeated the former emperor. Despite the catastrophe, he still managed to survive the war.

Fifty years later, he sees his descendant fight in his place. :-P


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