Sentai Main Villains Betrayed By Their Subordinates

Some Sentai villains were temporarily and others permanently overthrown by their own subordinates. Some of them were betrayed because their subordinates turned good, others betrayed as a result of evil naturally results to double-crossing. Here are they:

Emperor Aton in Dynaman was overthrown and killed by his own son Prince Megiddo whom he disowned for failure. This dethroned him as the final villain.

Dr. Man in Bioman was betrayed by the Big Three in episode 29 when Mason learned he was a human being. The Big Three attempted to kill him only to kill a mechaclone instead of the real Dr. Man. He however returned triumphantly and reprogrammed the Big Three to remain loyal to him until the end of his term.

Bazoo the Living Planet in Changeman was betrayed by Giluke but he succeeded in teaching him a lesson. He was betrayed by a now restored Shima, by Buuba who was returned to his senses and by Gator the Navigator. In his case though, Shima and Gator betrayed him when one was delivered back to who she was and Gator who was converted to good.

Emperor Lar Deus of Flashman was betrayed by Dr. Lee Keflen towards the finale. Kaura and Gyrer blasted him and left him injured. He was forced to fight the Flashmen which resulted to his death and allowing Dr. Lee Keflen to finally step in as the final villain.

Zeba was later betrayed by his underling Princess Igam after he betrayed them to their deaths in the final episode.

Dr. Bias in Liveman was betrayed by Dr. Obular who wasn't evil compared to the rest of his officers. It happened early on.

Emperor Ragorn in Turboranger was betrayed by Yamimaru and Kirika who wanted to take over his empire. When he returned after his first death as Neo Ragorn, he got even with Yamimaru and Kirika for that act of treachery.

Empress Juuza who only appeared for two episodes in Jetman was murdered by her second-in-command Count Radiguet. I wonder if she really counts.

Emperor Tranza was betrayed by Radiguet who fooled Red Hawk into getting rid of his weapon that trapped the others. That act of betrayal caused him serious damage and he's still out there as a vegetable, still swearing vengeance on the Jetmen.

The Gorma Emperor was betrayed by Shaddam when the Earth shaking crystal was taken away from him thus he was crumbled into dust. Strangely enough, both Dr. Man and the Gorma Emperor are played by the late Munemaru Kouda. This dethroned him as emperor and left Shaddam to be the final enemy the Dairangers had to face.

Emperor Exhaus was betrayed by his own subordinates the Bowzock who sided with the Carrangers after seeing their sinful ways. The ultimate betrayal done on him was when Gynamo fed him with expired imo youkan so the Carrangers can defeat him. It was really dramatic that it happened to him- serves him right for frequently mistreating his subordinates.

The mysterious entity Javious in Megaranger was betrayed by Dr. Hinelar who used his DNA to create the Nejirangers. When the Nejirangers were killed, he was also killed too revealing that he was the nucleus of the empire itself.

Captan Zahab was betrayed by his adviser Pucrates.  At first he betrayed Pucrates by using Illies' soul to sustain Daitanix.

Don Dolnero in Timeranger was overthrown by his subordinate Gien (in a warped state) resulting to his death in the present. However with the time warp going back in itself again, it's most likely he's alive but got freeze compressed as he was supposed to.

Tao Zanto in Hurricanger was betrayed by Sandaru who wanted to take over his place as evil leader of the Jakanja. Fortunately for him, Sandaru died before that could happen.

Okay I think this counts that since Boukenger had several villain factions in one show, Gekko may be part of the list. He was betrayed by his subordinate Yami no Yaiba but was fortunate to have survived.

Doukoku was betrayed by Akumaro all along. Akumaro planned to take over the surface world for himself. However he did return when the waters of the Sanzu river rose after Dayu's shamisen was destroyed, by that time he wasn't able to exact vengeance on Akumaru anymore.

Messiah was betrayed by Enter.  Instead of helping him rebuild himself, Enter had other plans.

Updated on: December 24, 2014


  1. You did a little mistake: the name of Dorunero's sidekick is Gien, not Frax (that's his Power Rangers version name)

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. Saban and Judd Lynn's PR restored PR nostalgia back to me for four seasons. :-P

  3. You forgot Yami no Yaiba betraying Dark Shadow in Boukenger.

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