Kaoru Shiba Appears

Finally the first female red ranger appears- Kaoru Shiba that is during the New Year Special. It somewhat gets me intensified- she is apparently the 18th in the line of the Shiba family. Question is how will this affect the show? Here's my theory: Kaoru Shiba may be the true heir while Takeru Shiba may be a hanyo or that here's another, she may be a character that may be necessary for the Gedoushu to sacrifice to unlheas the final attack. This is a total mystery. Hopefully, her character will be developed enough to clear out the mysteries of the Shiba family.


  1. Just now? lol :D For once, I think Powa Wanga is less sexist than Sentai is, because a female red ranger came before Kaoru did.

  2. She will adopt Takeru! She will become Takeru's mom!

  3. I really don't care about Kaoru and how her character will develop especially this late. What I am watching is how the four retainers will respond towards her as their true lord. Genta is free though since he doesn't have any commitment with the Shiba clan unlike Ryuunosuke-tachi; his commitment is with Takeru.

    There is an already subbed version of the episode in YouTube. Although not TV-Nihon quality, I actually watch it so that I can understand the story.

  4. if takeru is just an adopted child and chosen to be a fake shinken red, but he may be the chosen person for kaoru to marry to have the next head of the shiba house hold.


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