Bad Times for Takeru

Honestly speaking, Shinkenger gets to its rather unusual twist- a female true heir and that Takeru Shiba is NOT a real Shiba- so he bids sorry for his friends after knowing he was only adopted and so he decides to fight his final battle with the evil Juzo. The episode gets kind of dramatic as the battle between Takeru and Juzo ensues once again- this time with classic Chinese movie flavor for a Japanese series and Juzo falls off and will be back again as the Gedoushu can't be easily killed by conventional means like humans are.

On the other hand, I just can't wait for the scene where Mako and the others decide to run to Takeru when the battle eventually continues. Jii is injured and is taken back to the base. It seems that there's a love story between Juzo and Dayu brewing as well. :-P

However I hope Kaoru Shiba will convince Takeru to fight by her side even if he turns out to be only adopted. Just imagine a seven ranger finale with two Shinken Red powers.


  1. Jii wasn't attacked by an Ayakashi; he got injured because he fell off a cliff with Takeru. And I really don't think he will die.

    The fight between Takeru and Juuzou should be one of the greatest one-on-one duels of all time.

    Shinkenger sure is getting pretty intense.


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