Sibling Forces in Sentai

The fact is Sentai had the all-sibling team which in fact since it's time to spend time with the family, I decide to present them.
Fiveman was the start of a sibling force- however the enemy arrangements were suspiciously similar to Bioman in some ways. The whole theme was on siblings who are teachers. They thought they had lost their parents only to find out they were stranded in another planet which they seek to recover in the end. They showed up in the very short TV special Super Sentai World with the Jetmen, the Zyurangers, the Dairangers and the Kakurangers. The biggest twist here has to be where their final enemy remained hidden until episode 46.

Gogo V's constumes somewhat remind me of Fiveman's costumes. Unlike Fiveman you have a green ranger in the place of the black ranger and the yellow ranger is a dude and they had a family rescue team in their place. They were recruited by their estranged father because of the rise of the Saima family where the mother doesn't care about her children, only herself. In apparently non-canon team-ups, they fought together with the Gingamen and the Timerangers.
The Magirangers are different because their youngest Kai Ozu leads them compared to Fiveman and Gogo V. This was also the first Sentai where one of the sisters namely Ura Ozu marries the extra hero who becomes the "sixth ranger" by being her boyfriend at first namely Magishine. The family is complete when the finale comes doing a family attack with the brother-in-law against the wicked Enma. They also appeared in Dekaranger vs. Magiranger too.


  1. I never compared the GoGoFive suits to the Fiveman suits. Wow. The two teams do look like they're siblings (sorry for the pun =P ).

    But yeah. It's quite interesting what family can bring in Sentai.

  2. Magiranger did the best with the siblings IMO.

  3. fiveman is still the best! I've already watched magiranger but i can say that fiveman is a sibling sentai that has a heart.


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