Subordinate Villains Who Became the Final Villains

Yes there were some Sentai villains who overthrew their superiors as subordinates and eventually took their role as the final enemy to be fought. Here are they:
Prince Megiddo of Dynaman overthrew his own father Emperor Aton who disowned him. Although he had lost all his tails, the death of Zenobia (with the Retro Gene that killed her) and killing his own father, he took over as the final enemy. He had quite a short reign as the Grangizmo battleship was defeated in battle taking him along with it.
Dr. Lee Keflen with the help of Kaura and Bo Gardan who felt unappreciated. He served his master La Deus only to have plans to overthrow him. He conspired his own master's death and when his master was destroyed by the Flashmen, he finally made his move. He offered the Flashmen the chance to become normal but he was opposed. I find his death cornered as the Flashmen choose not to sacrifice their morality in exchange for their lives. He ended up committing suicide by remaining in his exploding spaceship.
I think Count Radiguet will count. Twice he was under a superior. First he murdered Juuza seeing the chance to get rid of her and two, he tricked Emperor Tranza into his downfall by Red Hawk thus relieving him of any more superiors who could have become the Jetmen's final nemesis. Despite his apparent defeat, he apparently ended up becoming a powerless human being and tried to kill Guy Yuki for stabbing his back earlier. It's most likely that after his armor exploded, he used whatever ounce of his powers left to survive but lost them. :-P
Shaddam betrayed his own master the Gorma Emperor to become the sixteenth in line. He became emperor for a short time. Although he had a huge power increase, however his second body (made from clay to contain his soul) couldn't hold all the energies for that long. The Dairangers were almost toast if the jewels didn't disappear as Daijinryuu gave a sensible compromise. In the end, his latest body fell down and without a spare, he finally died.
Dr. Hinelar of Megaranger had been planning to get rid of Javious all along. He used Javious' DNA to create the Nejirangers to defeat the Megarangers which as he planned, developed a link between them and his master. When the Nejirangers were defeated by the Megarangers, he finally became their final nemesis. Although he became a monster, he was still defeated in the end by the Megarangers in a rather epic clash that destroyed the heroes' mecha.
Gien in Timeranger overthrew Don Dinero out of insanity and died piloting Neo Crisis.


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