Takumi Hirose vs. Red Rangers

I think Takumi Hirose as a champion martial artist who acts in Tokusatsu and non-Tokusatsu shows had his best badass moments in dealing with the red rangers of his show. Here they are:

His regular role as Ley Wanda in Flashman pictured a rivalry with Jin/Red Flash. However at first, he wasn't much of a badass although he showed some rather impressive moves.

As Dr. Kempu, he was rivals with Yuusuke Amamiya/Red Falcon's rival at the Academia. However he was killed at the order of Dr. Bias instead.

Although he only appeared for ten episodes in Jetman when Tran becomes Emperor Tranza, he became rivals with Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk and he also managed to overpower the rest of the Vyram. He was defeated in battle when the Jetmen hit him with the Fire Bazooka leaving him heavily damaged instead of destroying him. He was last seen in the mental institution and what happens to him later in canon is unknown.

Perhaps his final performance was his battle against Ryu/Ryuranger of Dairanger as Jin Matoba. He appeared only for a few episodes yet he was able to show most of his badass moves in Dairanger. He was also one to transition from villain to hero and was killed by the Gorma. Like Tranza, he also has a prosthetic hand and a mean fighting skill against opponents.

Sadly he has disliked much on the current status of Super Sentai.


  1. Yutaka Hirose FTW! ^_^

    He REALLY needs to make one more appearance! I cross my fingers for Sentai's 35th anniversary!

  2. If Hirose does comes back for the 35th Anniversary special (which is highly unlikely), he should face off against the Red Ranger of the "Dream Team," which should be an older Red (my personal pick would be Kenta Sato, Riki Honoo/Red Turbo).


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