Timeranger's Super Sentai Special

Like Turboranger's big gathering, Timeranger had its own except in its case, it happened AFTER the last episode. This was more of a special than an actual episode because it wouldn't happen after the timeline started to go back to normal after Gien's defeat. It was more of a showcase and I have to say I liked this better than the Boukenger's 30 Sentai Encyclopedia in terms of presentation.

The film begins with the Timerangers talking to each other about the different Super Sentai franchise that shown throughout the years. The Time Gamma flies through different periods of time while the Timerangers are out of suit and Tac the Mechanical Owl discusses each and every time period that comes along.

The show now starts with the presentation of Goranger which was baptized into the Super Sentai franchise when Ohranger aired and so did JAKQ. True- Goranger is the Super Sentai series my parents watched WAY back in 1975. Ayase and Sion show a lot of "oooh" and "aah" as their trip comes along.

The Timerangers are introduced to different aspects that developed in the history of Super Sentai and when Battle Fever J gets presented. After Denziman, we get to Sun Vulcan which I find funny. Why? Well Domon mourns due to a lack of women and Yuuri gets mad knowing that Domon is a playboy.

They arrive to Goggle V where it's an OLD sentai but they used futuristic technology which Yuuri says that the people in the 30th century never dreamt of it. I think it's true. The explosions in Dynaman are really cool especially how Domon gets startled. Then we move to Chodenshi Bioman where after Domon comments about why the team can't have two girls, he gets a bloody nose from Yuuri. (Interesting note: When Saban adapted Timeranger, Time Force had two girls instead. Just imagine if Domon discovered this. :-P)

We are taken to Changeman and Flashman which Tatsuya is amazed about space robots. We have Maskman which Tatsuya wonders if they possess such power :-P and Liveman comes without details. :-/

Domon is amazed with Turboranger as they used cars in their battle and how they are teenagers with an attitude, a concept ported into MMPR.

Tatsuya I believe is right to be impressed with the power of the family in Fiveman. After all a family sentai is a rare one.

I liked how Jetman was featured with Yuuri getting amazed and Sion into spasms of delight. Jetman featured Red Hawk. Wow. I liked it how my favorite Jetman member was featured. The best part in that segment was when Jet Garuda takes Tetraboy. :-P

Zyuranger does deserve to be questioned of technology from the STONE AGE. Good thing that the segment managed to pay tribute to the late Burai who was my favorite character.

Much martial arts are featured in Dairanger and Kakuranger. After the Dairanger part where Tatsuya comments about the power of martial arts in Dairanger. The scene gets hilarious when Sion starts waving the sword and Tatsuya an Domon pin him down. Yuuri issues a scolding to him.

Ohranger is next and it's being laughed at by Domon upon realizing that the technology is WAY older than civilization itself. It features the King Ranger in action. After this short flick, Carranger is next and I LOOOOVE the way Yuuri says Caaarranger!

It comes to a closing (as it always will) with a short segment of Megaranger (nothing special for me though), the intense but short segment of Gingaman and Gogo V which Tatsuya mentions about their team-up. Then it closes to a clip of Gaolion roaring.

Other comments: If you've noticed, the Sentai timeline is of much debate. Some have even argued whether this special was canon or not. Looking at it, Kakuranger vs. Ohranger had many inconsistencies while other future crossovers tend to "blend smoothly" leaving fans to decide for themselves.


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