Ah My Goddess Kujaku! Daigo's Tragic Love Story!

Dairanger has its own love story between a minor goddess and a mortal... ah my goddess Kujaku! I can't help but think of these types of forbidden love from Chinese folklore make it into Super Sentai... and since Dairanger is FULL of Chinese influence, you get this into the script.

Their love story is far more intense than the manga "Ah My Goddess" and it's tragic. So here it goes- Kujaku was a goddess who was trapped by Mirror Make-Up Artist (Mirror Maniac) by Gara long ago in the past. It was only in the present day when Daigo had freed her from Mirror Make-Up Artist and then the two met and slowly fell in love. And nope it wasn't the goddess hotline that got Kujaku out of the mirror, it was a mere meeting that caused this painful love story.

But it wasn't always love at first sight- the goddess Kujaku was angry with how Gara had betrayed her and sealed her away. She was so angry that she had nothing in her mind but revenge. She didn't come to grant Daigo a wish. No. She was there for revenge. It took the compassion of Daigo and a little girl to convince her to let go of her revenge. Soon enough, love blossomed between the two despite the fact she was a goddess and he was a mortal. Worse than Ah My Goddess, the opposition happened because Daigo's good nature was more than just a good nature person, he was fighting against the Gorma and he wanted to fight Gara for the woman he loved.

However she was slowly turning into a mortal because of the pollutants of the world and maybe due to her forbidden love. It was so tragic when Daigo realized that even if she drank from the Peacock's Tears which she searched for before to cure Gara who was scarred, she would still die anyway. In that last effort in front of her lover Daigo, she sacrificed her life to bring forth the real Gara destroying the clay Gara into dust. The love story ended when she gave the Peacock's Tears rather than save herself for Daigo. Because of that, Daigo went crazy losing Kujaku not accepting it was forbidden love.

Despite death, the spirit of Kujaku once again a goddess, decided to talk into Daigo as he did before not to have revenge. She once again appeased the soul of her lover before departing for the afterlife once more, almost the same way Rie Aoi now a ghost did to Ryu Tendo in Jetman. Daigo overcame his tragedy and fought the last battle.


  1. Daigo's legendary story arc is definitely one of Sentai's bests. Another good reason to watch Dairanger! ^_^


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