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Haven't written anything new for a few days... and it will be like that when April comes too. I may be going on vacation too!

So far the Gen Jyu Ken group in Gekiranger were interesting as they turn out to be the real enemies the Gekiranger would have to face and NOT Rio and Melee of the Confrontation Beast Hall. I've already done an analysis on the Gekirangers and the Sky Fist Saints now it's time for their enemies. Ps. I don't feel like doing much of a mecha analysis on Gekiranger but hope I will. :-P

They are simply an interesting batch too. Although they just arrived in the middle of the series (episode 23) but they were far more despicable than ever thought, that is the original members excluding Rio and Mele or their three mentors the Three Fist Demons who gave up their lives to unify both opposing schools to defeat this group. In fact, the signs of the four gods are there too. They are:
Long (Mandarin word for Dragon) is kind of true to his name, his real form is a five-headed golden imperial Chinese dragon. He is a cold, cruel, sadistic and manipulative character who is apparently immortal. He of course is the ultimate obstacle to Rio and Melee's love as he manipulated both characters to his own means even to the point of turning them against each other to see who becomes the fourth general. When everything else fails as Rio was inevitably kills Melee in the most gruesome way possible in Sentai- he chews her literally through one of his five heads when his true form got revealed and he even ate his own servant Sanyo which shows he's not to be trusted. He was defeated by the combined efforts of Jan, Retsu and Ran in their super mode used a curse on him, sealed him in a ball for all time. He's one of those few Sentai villains that is alive yet living in constant thoughts of revenge, his being the tightest... literally!

I honestly think his final form somewhat pays tribute to Jet Li's character in Curse of the Dragon as a multi-headed Chinese dragon. After all, Bat Li is tribute to Jet Li too.

Sanyo is based on the turtle design. He appears as a stereotypical drunk villain in the Chinese movies, one with the chronic cough like the characters Sammo Hung would portray as an antagonist but he's far more fit. He was however only a puppet as he was used to keep the Gekirangers and Rio from Melee. He also stored Long's essence in his body and when it was released, Long sadistically ate him. Ugh!

Suugu is Jan's greatest rival in the Gen Jyu Ken organization seeing that he also uses tiger style kung fu. What isn't known yet that he is actually Jan's father so sort of a tribute to Ryu Ranger and his father Zhang Liao in Dairanger or to Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader of Star Wars fame. Yes there's some parallelisms too. How? Well Jan really hopes his father recovers, fights him and when Long attempts to kill his son Jan, he takes the blow meant for his son. Upon his death, his true self, free at last, resurfaced with a dying reunion with his son. He's another of those Darth Vader characters you know. :-P


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  2. Gen Jyu Ken was a very interesting twist IMO. All the members were really cool and definitely characters that one would not want to mess with.

  3. Sean, unless you already have, can you make a post on the Fist Saints of Gekiranger? I really wanna know more about them.


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