An Analysis on the Gorma Empire

The Gorma in Dairanger for me are quite an interesting organization. Why? They seem to be ran by a dysfunctional system where power reigns supreme, a crumbled empire that tries to regain its former glory, etc. As far as history is concerned, they are humans with the power of the "You" energy, an evil force that cursed their tribe into a dysfunctional one, power struggles and some unable to rest, some cheat death until they really die for good. Some gain a soul but are created merely from clay.

I find the Gorma's castle to be the weirdest of all. It's a simply designed inverted pyramid floating in the air. I just can't imagine if Lord Zedd's return (using Gorma XV footage instead) would begin to say, "Now my castle must return! The old Moonbase is no more! Let my Chamber of Command be restored." and a pyramid like structure arises destroying the Moonbase and replacing it for the rest of the series.

For example, there have been fifteen rulers of the Gorma and the show has 15th Gorma Emperor. According to some of its historians, the dynasties ended up killing each other to succeed one another and grab the Earth-Shaking Crystal, the source of the Emperor's powers which apparently gives them dependence to it to the point that it could kill them. For some strange reason, you need to wear this mask to talk to him before approaching the Chamber of Command. The 15th Gorma Emperor for me is more frightening than Lord Zedd ever was.

The 15th Gorma Emperor had a clay body which Shaddam created to resurrect him in the past. When he first appeared, he revealed a sick sense of humor and was dead serious about killing the Dairangers to reestablish his empire. He also carries the apparent fear of being overthrown presumably he overthrew his predecessor who was never mentioned. He bites the dust when his clay body could no longer sustain his powers.

Apparently the emperors may have had a history of greed causing the next emperor to become crazier than the last as evidenced in the final battle when Shaddam gained the powers of the 15th Gorma Emperor.

The Emperor himself as a really weird welcoming committee.

General Tenpou was the 15th Gorma Emperor's right hand man. He is one evil guy but not as evil as Shaddam. He is the one who sides with whoever is in charge of the base, apparently with no real loyalty to anybody. He is higher than the Triumvirate. He was killed by Shaddam when he discovers that the 15th Gorma Emperor was using a clay body to survive. I think he's a more competent officer than Goldar was to Lord Zedd.

It is indeed strange that Akomaru is ranked higher than his father Shaddam. He has the heritage of Gorma and Dai in him.

Strangely enough, I think only two of three of the clay Gormas are vessels for the souls of the original names, namely Shaddam and Zydos. The Gorma version of Gara here is nothing more than a duplicate of the real Gara who was a friend of Kujaku's. Shaddam may have made his own clay body to cheat death and used Zydos as an ally. They belong to the military level.

The three seem to pay tribute to the Big Three in Bioman- leader, woman and dumb guy except the woman has no sidekick to help her. Each one also uses different techniques, Shaddam uses sadistic attacks, Gara uses deceit and Zydos uses direct force. Also Shaddam like Mason planned to overthrow his leader but this time, he succeeded where Mason failed.

The monsters are at times even higher than the generals, for example Archbishop Saw who belonged to the Senate Level while others belong to the Military Level and the lowest the combat troops. However the monsters are based from inanimate objects, my theory is that when the soul of a Gorma fuses with these objects, they gain this form. Most of them have human disguises in contrast to most Sentai monsters. Some of them have become good, others choose to remain corrupt. The most infamous has to be the Media Magician who fell for Lin/Houou Ranger.

The Gorma also had outside help which were not part of their cursed lineage. One member was the martial artist Jin Matoba whose fists are tougher than usual. He has You power only given by Zydos. He was shot by the Gorma in the end after he betrayed them seeing the error of his ways.

The Cotporos are their foot soldiers with NO visible weak spot that makes them too easy too defeat by simply just hitting them there like Lord Zedd's putties in MMPR season two. I can say they are stronger than Bandora's Golems and are better fighters, judging that they know martial arts as part of the Gorma troops.


  1. Love the Gorma just due to how strange and unique they were among the Sentai villains. Loved how they all had a strange human-like appearance. Shadam is definitely one of Sentai's most evil villains up to date. The Gorma Emperor is just really creepy. And Akomaru is one of my favorite villains ever. Gara is also cool.


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