Chinese Cinema Action in Super Sentai

The fact is Super Sentai for me can really have the Chinese action film feel when well-done battle scenes actually go beyond the norm. In fact, I can say that the effort is great in the Wuxia style fighting in Super Sentai. These action scenes actually make some Sentai series CLASSIC!

For example:


Maskman was a series that had some Chinese martial arts although it wasn't very focused. However the show had rather impressive display of martial arts that it was hard to come with a second.

The way Haruka and Momoko did a very good robbery scene like it was a Chinese detective movie. Way exaggerated and nicely done.

Remi Hoshikawa/Five Yellow was a practitioner of Chinese Kung Fu. She also used drunken kung fu in the episode where Dordora and Zaza turned water into alcohol to allow invasion of the Earth to be easier.

Dairanger was known for its heavy intensive action and mastery of Chinese martial arts. Ryuranger seems to remind me of Jet Li's fighting scenes.

Probably Sentai's best attempt done in the past to imitate fighting in the air in Chinese films.

Kazu/Qilinranger (correction, got jumbled up, thanks Ling) really does Chinese drunken boxing really well. He'll make Jacky Chan proud.

The Cotporos had the action of ancient Chinese assassins that work for the emperor in ancient times themed Chinese films.

Banban Akaza/Deka Red's Gun Ken Do is obviously combining guns and Kendo into one fighting style.

Hoji Tomasu has some Chinese cinema detective feel.

And Tetsu Aira's multiple punch attack, well is obviously another Chinese cinema action exaggerated martial arts move.


The Gekirangers present their mastery of animal martial arts styles in a rather nice way (although I still like Dairanger's choreography better) which I think they really reflected on the Geki animals they mastered control of.

Of course Rio and Melee have their own fair share of moves too.

And of course, the Sky Fist Saints pay tribute to the greatest Chinese martial artists. In fact, their characters are NOT Japanese.

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  1. I know its already too early. But I'm already rooting for a fourth Kung Fu Style Sentai. LOL

  2. I notice that each Sentai decade has its own kung fu season. Maskman of the 80s. Dairanger of the 90s. And Gekiranger of the 2000s. Will there be one to represent the 2010s?

    PS: They should make a three way team up movie. Maskman vs Dairanger vs Gekiranger! Get all of those actors back for Kung Fu awesomeness! Bring Hirose back for this movie as well! Yeah, I'm just dreaming. :P

  3. Hi! Yeah, Maskman has a Chinese feel since Kenta, Akira and Momoko are practicing Chinese Martial Arts!

    As for Dairanger, can I make a correction? Kazu is the Qilinranger, Shuji (Blue) is the Tenmaranger.


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