Chinese Cinema Comedy in Sentai

The fact is I believe Chinese cinema has somewhat influenced comedy in Sentai whether it was a Wuxia-based Sentai or not. For example:

Chinese comedy movies were notorious for putting crazy old men in the picture. An example would be Lin's granduncle Gu Hon (correction, thanks Fantasy Leader) who despite his brains is also a funny guy.

While not fighting as Daimugen, Cameo himself is typically the Chinese fat guy in the movies that is somewhat clumsy but not necessarily dumb.

Boukenger though it wasn't a Wuxia series, episode 27 having Bouken Red's Feng Shui-related disasters seem to remind me of an old Chinese film I saw before but forgot the title.


  1. Gotta love Chinese theme! ^_^

    Yu Fang? Did you mean Guhon?


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