Dairanger Mecha and Wuxia Themes

Well it's almost Chinese New Year (and I did an analysis on the Dairangers) and I'm going to present my thoughts on Dairanger mecha too. In fact the four gods are present. Like who?

The Ryuseioh if you arrange a bit, you get Seiohryu which is the dragon god of the four gods.

The Shishi Chi Beast resembles an emperor's concept of a Chinese lion.

The Houou chi beast resembles Suzaku, the phoenix god.

Ryuseioh's warrior form merged with the other Chi Beasts would tribute to Sun Wukong's flying attack.

The Dairenou, their main robots looks like a high ranking Chinese general. Honestly speaking, it's been a question in my mind how this robot can move so fast despite its bulky design?

The Won Tiger would be a homage to the tiger god Byakko of the four gods.

Great Fang King (combination of Won Tiger and the other four beasts) resembles another type of Chinese warrior. Its finishing attack where it launches the firebird at the enemy seems to tribute the power of the phoenix too.

Daimugen would remind me of Genbu the turtle god. Turtles were also an important symbol in Chinese mythology and were considered lucky. However I love to count him as the seventh Dairanger instead of a mecha.

The ultimate combination the Heavy Armor Chi Palace wound remind me of a punishment from heaven drop attack with its finishing move.


  1. These mecha were simply just beautiful. Wish more mecha were this creative.


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