The Final Battle of Shinkenger

So far Shinkenger's among a few with an apocalyptic feel which was like Maskman in some ways. So I can compare Doukoku's emergence like that of Zeba who sought to cover the Earth in dark particles, so does Doukoku. But unlike Maskman, the destruction is greater in Shinkenger.

However I'd like to say, this is probably one of the best final battles ever. Why? Well here are some of the scenes:
The Shinkengers despite their damaged status still fight on and first they do some suitless action. I am just impressed that these actors can really fight compared. Too bad though, Kaoru didn't join in the final battle because it would have been nice to have seven Shinkengers instead of six.

Well we do get a LOT of fighting with the foot soldiers before they face their final enemy Blood Count Doukoku. The whole city is in a mess and it seems to have the apocalyptic feel. I mean, Turborangers had that feel. Too bad though that the battle doesn't happen with a darkened day.

Once they morph, Takeru Shiba uses also the weapon of Kaoru Shiba in battle to battle the ever-growing powerful Doukoku. Shinken Blue thrusts Doukoku in that battle and they de-morph afterwards.

When worse comes to worse in the giant battle, they end up sacrificing their mecha like in Hurricanger. The Shinken-Oh explodes together with Doukoku which in the process ceases the doomsday process which could have taken over the human world. The best of it is that they are suitless as well. I find it more intense than the 80s Maskman when Zeba was just easily destroyed by the Galaxy Robo with the final attack. Fortunately though neither Kaoru nor Takeru died while I expected Kaoru to die, fortunately she didn't. :-P The stab was almost a tribute to Jetman's final battle where all the mecha got destroyed.

Insert: For other destroyed mecha, click here.

The ending scene felt too much like Gaoranger when they depart. Too bad the Takeru/Mako thing didn't materialize in the final episode. It's almost like a College graduation for me. :-P The same way I felt when I graduated from business administration and seeing our practicum disperse as well. Fortunately though, Takeru gave a vocal response to Mako.

And of course, a special preview of Goseiger. I hope it'll have the old school action more. :-P


  1. The moment they part with one another was so so touching... I really cried.

    It was the greatest ending I must say. Just too epic in every proportions.

    Shinkenger also had the most memorable characters I must say. It really was and will always be the all-time great.

  2. And thus, the 2000s decade comes to a close. Wow. I feel old. I remember 10 years ago, when Timeranger's very first episode aired, kicking off the 2000s decade. I can't believe it. That was 10 years ago. Well, onto Sentai's next decade, the 2010s! First ep of Goseiger will be the start of the next 10 years!

    Anyway, nice ending. Pretty sad though. Shinkenger was certainly a beautifully made season.

  3. Come to think of it though, I personally think that Shinkenger is meant to have an old Sentai element in it because of the following reasons:

    - simple looking suits (nothing special compared to other modern day ones which everyone has their own styles)
    - no uniforms (remember the time when the 80s wore civilian clothes)
    - simple mechas (ShinkenOh that is and the origamis consisting it)
    - suitless fight scenes
    - badass enemies
    - and most importantly, badass, valiant and courageous Red, Takeru

  4. I totally agree with Don. Shinkenger, is by far the best SS this decade, followed closely by Geki (but it's just my opinion!).

    the Takeru/Mako shipping will just be a fanfiction, or is it? Shinkenger will release an OVA DVD this june 2010. hopefully it will materialize there.

  5. I totally disagree with Don. Not to be taken seriously, but Shinkenger is far from the best Sentai ever.

    - battelizer involved (PR nostalgia)
    - unoriginal (Gaoranger nostalgia)
    - way too much focus on Takeru
    - little civilian fight scenes
    - poor helmet and mecha design
    - role call is a bit unoriginal

    But then again, Sean, this is my opinion. Don't take it too personally. But I'd say the top 3 best of the Decadeare:

    1. Timeranger
    2. Hurricanger
    3. Boukenger

    Go-Onger over Shinkenger. But that's just me. :)

  6. Oh yeah, I also thought the ending had Timeranger and Gaoranger nostalgia. Very unoriginal.

  7. guess everyone have their own opinion..XD

  8. Agreed with Don about the ending. I was crying when Kaoru, Ryunosuke, Mako, Chiaki, Kotoha, & Genta all said goodbye to Takeru as well as each other. It was very touching & heartfelt.

    On the other hand, all isn't lost, as they'll be back in a few more appearances, namely in Kaettekita Samurai Sentai Shinkenjā: Tokubetsu Maku (Come Back! Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Special Act), in which it's coming out on June 21st & is a continuation of which there is a surviving member of the Gedoushu. And later, their final appearance together in Goseiger Vs. Shinkenger (hopefully, Kaoru will also be there as well). :)

    I also wonder how there going to bring back the mechas during those two specials, when most of them have gotten destroyed along with Doukoku. Perhaps they have backups or something.


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