Fire and Water, Satoru Akashi and Sakura Nishihori

Perhaps my most picture-intensive entry for a romance analysis! Ha ha ha! :-P Thanks to Super Sentai Images and Henshin Grid's pictures for these. :-)

The fact is Boukenger has one romance that may lack materialization. It's been known throughout the whole Boukenger that Sakura Nishihori has a crush on Satoru Akashi, who is apparently oblivious to them like it was with Kaori Rokumekan with Ryu Tendo.How they met was just unusual. Okay here's what- Satoru Akashi was interested in recruiting her into SGS (which was revealed in a later episode) that she was once a rich heir of a big family but she did leave anyway to find her destiny. It was also there when she had slowly fallen for him for some reason when she became a Boukenger.
But it seemed she also had another admirer whom she disliked for being rude... it was with Inou Masumi but the writers didn't take the idea that far to avoid repeating the Ryu vs. Guy scenario in the series. Inou Masumi had the habit of calling her "Sakura-Neesan" admiring her, probably it was love at first slap. But it didn't materialize anyway but he did have a crush on her.
She was the type to worry about Satoru Akashi much. Just to think about it, Sakura Nishihori was upset about Satoru Akashi not revealing them his plans to subdue the Negative Syndicates Gajah and Ryuon who were searching for the late Leon Giordana's plans. After that battle, she ended up punching him in the gut. :-P

And of course, I can't forget the episode when the sixth member was about to arrive. It was there when she tended to Satoru Akashi's wounds after he was severely injured by Rei disguised as his long lost friend Masaki. She of course grew closer to him but he was still oblivious to her feelings. Poor Sakura. :'(

Satoru Akashi was also known for complimenting Sakura Nishihori for her act of bravery, most notably during the episode Dark Shadow was about to sacrifice children with the aid of the Pipe of Hamelin. It was at that episode too when Inou Masumi revealed another hint of him having a crush on Sakura Nishihori.

During the glass slipper episode, Satoru Akashi was able to show concern for her when she was possessed by the glass slipper. Sadly there hasn't been much development during this one. Apparently, there was also something between her and Eiji Takaoka but it wasn't anything. :-P

My favorite moment had to be when she scolded both Inou Masumi and Eiji Takaoka (another possible admirer left to fan's imagination) for laughing at Satoru Akashi for "failing" the Adventurer School Exam- which was a plot by Dark Shadow to sacrifice the brave students to let out the Sky Ship.

And there was an episode where she and Eiji Takaoka were seemingly hinted. At the end, a still oblivious to her feelings Satoru Akashi asked Eiji Takaoka if he liked Sakura Nishihori but it fell with a flat answer. :-P The Eiji-Sakura pairing is left again to fan-fiction.

Eventually Sakura Nishihori's feelings burst out all the more during the final battle with the Ashu that is when she discovered their heavily damaged team has its leader about to sacrifice his life to defeat the Homunculus robot of the Questers.

And yes there was a moment of jealous during the Christmas episode of Boukenger when Eve had a crush on Satoru Akashi, one pairing some fans liked over her in fan-fiction. At the end of the episode, a frustrated Sakura runs and chases Satoru Akashi. Some fans have ended up pairing them together to the point of marriage in some fan-fictions. In the nearing final episodes, Sakura Nishihori is revealed to be extremely worried about Satoru Akashi, which they think he dies when the museum explodes.

Perhaps the most important scene was when she sneaked in to explore space precious with him.  It seems he's happy to have her on board with her.  Maybe he wanted to take her along but he was too shy to admit he really likes her.

An apparently non-canon continuation happened as her feelings finally revealed in Gekiranger vs. Boukenger. Ha ha.


  1. These two had an interesting relationship. ^_^

  2. Meh, I prefer InouxNatsuki. But this one is pretty cool, too.

  3. Can I ask something? What episode is that in the picture where Sakura and Masumi are sitting together? and did she really slapped Masumi?what episode is that?
    Please, I need answer. I can't find what episode is that. Thank you. :)

  4. @ Shayne- The part where Masumi is on a bench is episode 11. No she didn't slap Masumi at all. It's just my theory that she did.

  5. @ Sean Oh, Thanks for answering my question.

    BTW, are you a Filipino? Cause i found pictures of some Philippine actress in this site like Rhian Ramos.

    THANKS again! :)

  6. @Shayne- Yes I am by citizenship and birth only. Ethnicity is oriental.

  7. interesting . . . .
    maybe i need to watch too

  8. This is all i want to read after finished watching the entire series of boukenger,, Cool ^___^
    the scenes that shows sakura's shyness for her feeling to akashi were so awesome,, i can't stand for her... XD


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