Gatchaman Marks in Jetman

Since Jetman is loosely based on Gatchaman so there has to be some markings of Gatchaman in the show. We have the following "Gatchaman" marks in the show.  Toshiki Inoue must have gotten several elements from all three seasons to which he thought would work.

The most obvious is the bird motif and fact that Black Condor is a motorcycling hero is a reference to Joe in Gatchaman.

The power struggles that happen between Ryu Tendo and Guy Yuki is another mark- which is kind of similar to Ken and Joe in Gatchaman, both between polar opposites against each other.  Joe was sort of a playboy in Gatchaman.

Ryta/Yellow Owl like Ryuu of Gatchaman are both the strongmen of the team, loves to eat and are country boys. He's a less dramatic version and more of a comedy relief like Bulk would be in MMPR but he's a ranger.

Kaori/White Swan's attraction to Ryu/Red Hawk and her struggle of confused feelings with Gai/Black Condor is similar to Jun/G3 in Gatchaman but both are too different in personality.  The swan motif is the only thing alike.

Aya Odagiri being a female commander can be a reference to Sylvie Pandora in Gatchaman II. Prior to becoming their team mentor, she was the assistant of some unnamed person in the Sky Force who would have become the Dr. Nambu of the series would he have not died. She is their commander but a less tragic version of Sylvie Pandora. Similarities are both are pretty, intelligent and an expert in cybernetics. Unlike Sylvie Pandora, she didn't perish or has a missing daughter turned Vyram.  Perhaps Sylvie Pandora was more liked than Dr. Nambu that caused her to come to existence.

The Icarus Haken was a tribute to the God Phoenix and the New God Phoenix. The idea of five vehicles fusing into one is from Gatchaman Fighter's Gatchaspartan. It performed the powerful firebird attack to finish off opponents.  At least he chose a better design than the Gatchaspartan!

The Jet Garuda may just be another tribute but it didn't perform the firebird attack. However it fired its own version of the bird missiles.  Also it was an alien craft too.

Maria's backstory is that she was actually a human brainwashed to become a Vyram officer is similar to Gatchaman's Gel Sadora. Both villains are very good in subtle tactics and escaping from the enemy. Unlike Gel Sadora, she was already a fully grown woman when she was brainwashed and her tragic past is with Ryu Tendo not Aya Ogadiri. The human side of Maria is somewhat based on Ken's ex-girlfriend in Gatchaman.

Perhaps the most obvious (and closest to a Gallactor officer copy) has to be Radiguet- like Count Egobossler he is a cruel adversary, having blue skin (probably he dyed it for some reason), a swordsman having high taste and sadistic tendencies towards his enemies while hating having superiors to boss him around. He doesn't have much of a back story except it was revealed he was once the subordinate of Empress Juuza who only lasted for two episodes. Both were ambitious to rule the world (in his case the Universe) and would do anything to achieve their goals. Both rebelled whoever superiors they had, Egobossler died in the attempt, Radiguet nearly died in those attempts.  I just thought he's really that cruel and has been that sick to start with. In fact the Manga's Radiguet had him look like Egobossler- long hair.


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