Gekiranger Team Analysis

The Gekirangers are the students of the Geki Juken Beast Arts. Each one of them have different personalities that spring out throughout the series such as...

Jan Kandou- His name is basically a play on Jet Kune Doo. I think this guy is kind of weird that while he was the lone survivor of a village, he was raised by what? Pandas! (correction: Thanks Ling). Well Sentai is full of weird, silly stuff which is but normal anyway like since when did pandas learn kung fu?! :-P. With that, he is a feral child in search for his identity. Since his primary beast is a tiger, it's natural he uses tiger style fighting too. Being illiterate however didn't stop him from his destiny. He and Rio became rivals and eventually friends when Rio and Melee saw the error of their ways. He also had a history of meeting his long lost father who died to save him from Long's attack which enraged him for the final battle.

Ran Uzaki/Geki Yellow- She is from a rich family. She was a hesitant ranger because she thought she wasn't good enough but Xia Fu anyway told her that she was needed because of her wits. She is by default the captain of the Gekirangers because she's the smart one, which is normal since female rangers were usually the smartest of the teams. Somehow her color coding and the cheetah go together. Also being a woman, she focuses on matters of the heart more than her members which may also explain why she's not much of a fighter.

Retsu Fukami/Geki Blue- He is somewhat the person in the team deceived by a lie his older brother was killed by Rio. He's one of those who start out as selfish and obnoxious rangers who later mature as the series progresses because he believes too much in his intelligence. In other words, he rivals Ran Uzaki in being the smart one.

Gou Fukami/Geki Violet- He's the first purple ranger and a master of the wolf. He is actually the long lost sibling of Retsu Fukami who was long thought dead. It's natural that he uses the Geki Wolf because of his cursed form as a werewolf that he passed through. Theirs was an estranged relationship which slowly but surely fixed as the battles went through.

Ken Hisatsu/Geki Chopper- Well it's another ranger named Ken after Ken Hoshikawa of Fiveman but their personalities are radically different. Also, he's the first ranger not to shave that much if not at all. He and Gou Fukami initially don't like one another especially when Gou Fukami left leaving him behind during a training session which he don't know was the real reason. He is of course a womanizer but to a lesser extent and believes in a team women should be around.

For a bizarre reason, only the first three Gekirangers were able to go super mode and only they were able to seal back Long after he was defeated in giant battle. In the end when Long was turned into a ball, Jan Kandou turned him into a necklace before leaving for Hong Kong.


  1. Sorry, but Jan grew up with Pandas!

  2. Man, I miss these guys. Hope some of them return in Sentai's 35th anniversary.

  3. "Jugen Sentai, Gekirangaaaaa... GEKIRANGEEER!!!" Dang, I love that theme.


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