Gekiranger's Sky Fist Saints Tribute to Chinese Cinema

Before I do a Gekiranger team analysis, I think these characters got my attention more than the rangers or the villains themselves. Why? They actually do pay tribute to Chinese action stars as it would be natural because Gekiranger like Dairanger is Chinese-based. Chinese action does make good Sentai but honestly, I still like Dairanger's plot and action better but this is still a good series if you like Wuxia.

Gambou Elehung is a less obvious play on words on the name Sammo Hung who is an obese martial artist who also played perverted characters in some old Chinese movies.

Bat Li may either be Jet Li or Bruce Lee, take your pick. He seems to pay tribute to Jet Li's character in one of those films, I think that was Hero where he was always disappointed with his students.

Sharkie Chan is a play on Jackie Chan. His tears of joy whenever Jan succeeds is like how Jackie Chan feels happy in the films. In episode 36, he paid tribute to Drunken Master when he got drunk.

Gorrie Yen is obviously a play on Donnie Yen. His character in the series however doesn't seem to pay so much tribute to Donnie Yen's characters.

Pyon Piao is a play on the name Yuen Biao who I think also used the same technique in one of his films.

Michelle Peng is well... uh... a play on Michelle Yeoh. Her character seems to resemble Michelle Yeoh's character in Crouching Tiger. She also had a monster named Bruce E, a reference to Bruce Lee.


  1. Bat Li was confirmed to be a reference to Jet Li.

    Brusa E is the Fist Saints master.

  2. Good that you thought of making this.

    Bat Li is more of a pun of Jet Li, since Bat Li has more "zen" aura, like Jet Li.

    I am not so familiar with Donnie Yen, but I saw him in "Hero". He was good!

  3. These guys were all made of win. ^_^

  4. On the contrary, Sammo is normally portrayed as the shy guy befriending perverts though I do recall him being a perv in a few movies.

  5. Brusa Ee, the master of the Kensei, would be the Bruce Lee character, though in name only, since we don't see much of him fighting and he doesn't do the WAATCCHAA Bruce Lee shouts XD though he does sorta wear a Kato mask? I dunno, just thought I'd share my thoughts on it.


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