Gosei Head: Another Zordon Rip-Off?

After all, Super Sentai didn't only fuel ideas for Power Rangers since Super Sentai is the original, Power Rangers being the altered version later fueled ideas for Super Sentai thus creating a circle of ideas for both shows. In episode two, we see the Gosei Head, who is the "commander" of the Goseigers. He is the leader of the Gosei World and the means of contact of the Goseigers to their world. Whether or not he has a human form still remains to be seen.

Anyway I felt like Mr. Voice was a Zordon rip-off although he was an AI program created by Leona Giordana, the last known descendant of the Giordana line. How he reminded me of Zordon was whenever he showed through the monitor the danger spots the Boukengers had to go to in order to do their mission and how he was connected to the mecha.

But anyway, Zordon's body was based on Zyuranger's Barza, that was way before he got caught in a time warp. Ha ha. Besides after Zyuranger, Barza no longer appeared in other shows due to the "left to fan's imagination" timeline of Sentai.

Ps. I can't help but think if Saban were still in charge of PR and he gets Goseiger, well he might resurrect Zordon in the process using Zyuranger and Goseiger footage with his own. :-P


  1. Mr. Voice was much better and funnier than Zordon. They have nothing in common, basically. :P

  2. Now that Saban has reacquired the Power Rangers, who knows if they'll bring in elements from Zyuranger (and perhaps Dairanger) for the Power Rangers adaptation of Goseiger.


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