Next Week: The Start of Goseiger

As the Shinkengers will finally defeat the Gedoushu, next week will be the start of the new Sentai called Goseiger. It's kinda late to talk about the plot so I'll talk what I think about the plot: it seems the story in itself may have been inspired by Dragon Quest IX concerning angels descending from the sky and fightintg the Universal Army Warstar, I think is also very RPG-like. Sentai RPG? Hmmm... sounds cool to me but due to me turning 25 this February 17, I may not be so interested unless if it has all the awesomeness in its fight scenes.

Old school returnees! That's good news! They play an important part in my childhood as well as other older Sentai fans.

By the way, the legendary Shozo Iizuka who has done many villain voice actions (my favorite had to be when he dubbed the main villains in the Space Sheriff Trilogy especially the despicable Psycho King) will be doing the voice of Great King Mons Drake. :-) By the way, will Sentai oldie actors also return for this show? Let's just watch. He's currently 76 years old and he's still fit for voicing. Hmmm I love how he speaks those evil tones just like Takeshi Watabe. I hope he manages to live through the series.

Rikiya Komaya (if you remember him as Kamen Rider Black RX's ally Joe no Haze, he didn't have any Super Sentai role though) will be voicing the villain Dereputa, I think he's also the actor. Nice to see him back. This time, it would be interesting to see him as a villain. I just hope that Junko Takahata (well-known for being Maribaron in Black RX) or Shun Sugata (he appeared in Go-onger as a guest and was best known for being Billgoldy in the Metal Hero crime series Janperson) will make appearances or become regular characters.


  1. Do me a favor sean. Don't get old! LOL XD

    PS: One day, I'll be 80 years old, and I still won't be "old" :P

    I've never played any of the Dragon Quest games before. I should.

    Anyway, cool actors. :)


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