Of Darkness and Light, Inou Masumi and Natsuki Mamiya

I can't help but think that there's some implication in Boukenger that Inou Masumi and Natsuki Mamiya may actually be a couple, even if the actor Yasuka Saitoh said that his character doesn't view Chise Nakamura's character Natsuki Mamiya as a possible lover but only as a surrogate. Why? Well it seems the two do have a lot of development along the lines. For instance, Inou Masumi later shows hints of jealousy whenever Natsuki Mamiya seems to get close to Souta Megumi. While it seems Inou Masumi has a crush on Sakura Nishihori (there are a few hints) the series kind of takes to focus more on him and Natsuki Mamiya.

In what way? Well the story begins when Inou Masumi who was about to find in destiny as a Boukenger, he found an amnesiac girl and took her in. The two were recruited into Boukenger in order to help protect the world from people who want to use Precious for evil. The two became partners and the latest recruits but there was no visible affection as of that time.
However the amnesiac Natsuki Mamiya begins to ask him why he saved her asking whether or it it was because she was cute. Inou Masumi refuses to admit he had gained feelings for her, maybe because he still had a crush on Sakura Nishihori. When he did admit it, he fell into embarrassment. He only did it to snap her out of the control of Nendogami.
The hints just didn't stop in my opinion. Eventually when Natsuki Mamiya's true origin was revealed, it didn't really matter to Inou Masumi. For him, Natsuki is Natsuki. Perhaps it's really something noble or what, well he did fight through the Questers to try and get her back to the Boukenger team, even challenging Ryuon who was more skilled than he was. Through more and more affections, Natsuki Mamiya broke away from her hypnosis and returned back to her senses.
Perhaps the darkest moments they had together was when Inou Masumi finally finished off his long-time rival Yaiba of the Darkness. However even if Inou Masumi discovered the light within him, he still felt like a failure. It took Natsuki Mamiya's prodding just as it took his to reunite them both. Inou Masumi was still discouraged even if he overcame the darkness against the murderous Yaiba of the Darkness. Natsuki Mamiya wanted him back so badly to hug him tight and left the set crying, wet under the rain.

Eventually and indirectly, Natsuka Mamiya led to...
The most insane moment of rangers' history- when Inou Masumi snaps out of his mood of discouragement, he brings in the Dual Crusher and joins the others to defeat Desperado out of suit. The team was completed once more and then goes the final battle. However there seems to be no more further hints of them any longer. :'(


  1. These two have a really nice relationship.

    Every time I see a pic of the team holding the Dual Crusher, the song "Start up! ~Bonds~* plays in my head. :D


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