Other Poll Results for February 27, 2010

Here are the other poll results.

What do you think of Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day together? From 42 votes, 4 voted for bad timing, 24 voted for it's okay and 14 voted for it's awesome. I'm with the crowd that thinks it's bad timing.

Mako won for the Sentai's fairest lady in the poll. She's just plain hot!

From 46 votes, 28 think that Takeru's return in Shinkenger has a lot of gray areas while 18 don't. I agree with those who think it has a lot of gray areas.

From 144 votes, 86 think that Zordon Arc was the best overshadowing post-Zordon arc with only 47 votes and for Disney with only 11 votes.

I'm not surprised that 89 out of 138 votes find Disney's remastered MMPR awful. I do too. I can't help but use a picture of the lovely Kimberly Hart to express it.


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