Poll Results: Most Ill Fated Romance

Since I allowed selection of multiple answers and there weren't much choices so I decided to pick the top five votes for display. From 52 votes, we have:

25 votes for Ryu and Maria

21 votes for Rio and Melee

18 votes for Red Mask and Ial

16 votes for Time Red and Time Pink

11 votes for Hoji/Deka Blue and Theresa.


  1. i voted for ryu and maria, since i think it's the most painful love story ever! Ryu thinking that Rie was already dead during the initial vyram attacks, turned out to be their villainess!

    Upon Maria's death she was Rie again. Argh! I felt for Ryu when I saw that ep.

  2. I voted for all of them on this top 5 list.


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