Poll Results Part 1: Wuxia Themed Sentai and Double Celebration Questions?

So far I'd like to cut the polls into several portions because the next ones will be quite big. So far here are the questions that were asked:

1.) What do you think of Wuxia Themed Sentai? Results from 27 votes are 3 votes for terrible, 13 out of votes for okay and 11 votes for awesome. I'm with the awesome crowd.

2.) What do you think about Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year together? From 25 voters we have 3 who think it's terrible, 17 who think it's okay and 5 who think it's awesome. For me it's just terrible.

3.) As for Sentai with the most Chinese feel out of 63 votes we have 39 for Dairanger, 18 for Gekiranger, 6 for Maskman and 0 for Gingaman.


  1. I think Wuxia themes are awesome!

    And I voted for Maskman, Dairanger, and Gekiranger, as I think they all have their different hues of having a Chinese feel.

    Btw Sean, may I ask why Gingaman was a choice? I didn't see anything Chinese about it, but I was wondering if you did, and what parts of Gingaman had it.

  2. For Gingaman I think only with the costumes of the Gingamen look like Taiwanese aborigines but that's just it. :-P


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