Poll Results Part 2: Top Ten Best Couples

Okay now I think it's time to put in the best Sentai couples. Since I allowed multiple choices, I think I'll feature the top ten couples. There are 107 votes total.

First place we have:

Takeru and Mako from Shinkenger getting 33 votes

Second place we have:
Hikaru/Magishine and Ura/Magiblue with 27 votes

Third place we have a tie for...
Tatsuya/Time Red and Yuuri/Time Pink
Rio and Melee

Fourth place we have...
22 votes for Satoru/Bouken Red and Sakura/Bouken Pink.

Fifth place we have:

21 votes for Tetsu/Deka Break and Jasmine/Deka Yellow.

Sixth place: We have...
18 votes for Sen/Deka Green and Umeko/Deka Pink. Too bad Deka Pink married Red Racer in real life.

Seventh place goes to...
16 votes for Ryu/Red Hawk and Kaori/White Swan. Yehey.

Eighth place: We have another tie of 14 votes for...
Banban/Deka Red and Marigold

Wolzard and Magimother

Ninth place goes to having ten votes, another tie to...

Guy/Black Condor and Ako/Blue Swallow

Riki/Red Turbo and Haruna/Pink Turbo

Sakurai/Space Ace and Karen/Heart Queen

Shun/Megablue and Miku/Megapink

Tenth place for nine votes goes to...
Takeru/Red Mask and Mio/Princess Ial

Asuka/Abareblack and Mahoru


  1. ... when did Takeru and Mako or DekaBreak and DekaYellow ever get together on screen?

    Too bad the poll didn't have Sosuke and Miu (Go-on Red/Go-on Silver), I think it would have got a lot of votes :)

  2. i voted for takeru and mako! i hope in the OVA they'll be together!

  3. Takeru and Mako had a pretty standard leader-second in command relationship (but a bit less antagonistic than in some other series.) It doesn't necessarily mean they had crushes on each other. If DekaBlue or GaoYellow had been a pretty girl, people would have been shipping them with the Red :P

  4. Some couples never got together on screen. But hey, the Sentai/Toku fandom has something that many other fandoms have. SHIPPERS! XD And lots of them. :P

    Among the ones on the top ten list, I voted for Hikaru/Urara, Tatsuya/Yuuri, Rio/Mele, Akashi/Sakura, Tetsu/Jasmine, Sen-chan/Umeko, Ryu/Kaori, Ban/Mari, Isamu/Miyuki, Riki/Haruna, Takeru/Ial, and Asuka/Mahoro. :)

  5. You should make a poll of the most overrated Sentai out there. Though... I still think Takeru/Mako is overrated. :/

    Check my blog if you want my opinion on the most overrated Sentai.

  6. i like riki and haruna.. and how about saborou/goggle blue and miki/goggle pink?

  7. plus what are the exact real life age gaps between riki honoo and noriko kinohara who played riki and haruna?


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