Red Racer and Zonette's Hitchhiked Romance

The fact is I guess for "hero falls for enemy" romances, I find this rather mixed up because it was funny and had some serious elements. Why? Well here's how it started- the Bowzock was sent by their great and powerful master Emperor Exhaus hoping they would conquer the Earth so he could complete his highway but of course, they weren't very smart nor did they do much crimes they deserve death. Aaahhh! Anyway Zonette was that sexy lady of the crew who was the de-facto second-in-command only because Gynamo did what she said out of blind love and passion.

So here's what- Zonette slowly fell for Kyosuke Jinnai but first, only his alter ego as the Red Racer. Hmmm so far for red rangers with this kind of situation like Red Mask and Red Hawk, his is probably kind of not so serious. Zonette was slowly falling for him which of course had slowly caused the Bowzock's plan to go behind schedule. Quite unexpectedly, Red Racer fell in love with her too which he did the most awesome thing in the show- he beats up the enemy out of suit to prove his love which of course, was a fatal decision but he was able to beat the monster out of suit anyway.

Of course, Zonette slowly had her change of heart from this romance but it wasn't this that caused it, it was when she met her sister Radiata more often that she gave up her evil ways. Despite other suitors from royalty, she had remained in love with Kyosuke Jinnai. It was because of that love she convinced her fellow Bowzock members to assist the Carrangers when Exhaus had gone too far in deceiving them. After the fateful battle that destroyed all the Carrangers' mecha and Exhaus himself (who was fed expired imo-youkan by Gynamo and destroyed by the Carrangers), she still remained with that same, Red Racer or should I say Kyosuke Jinnai in her heart.


  1. This is one of the main reasons to like Carranger. Kyousuke and Zonette's relationship is so weird! You can't help but want to see how their conversations work out and see what each of their reactions will be! XD

  2. I did love this feature on Carranger. Red Racer rulez


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