Rio and Melee's Eternal Love

Gekiranger itself presented a love story of two villains who became heroes and met it at a rather bad end... they were Rio and Melee. They of course were the first villains the Gekirangers face and the start of their love story wasn't very pleasing either. The two I believe had the journey of the mythical aspect of "The Chinese Ghost Story" movie and later a TV series where a couple die and reborn many times before they can be together.

Melee herself had fallen for Rio, even die for him because he was the one who brought her back to the living but the feeling wasn't mutual by then. The two were bound by their common hatred for the Gekirangers that started their love story. However the hatred for the Gekirangers was more on petty rivalry than because the Gekirangers stood on their way for world domination.

It always had hurt Melee one way or another when Rio was hurt too, the same way happened to Rio as well. She became mad when Kata's methods began to lead Rio to insanity, something Xia Fu was right about. Her troubles even became worse during the arrival of the evil villain Long was getting into the scene. She was even saddened when Rio was serving Maku because she was used to serving Rio as her superior. However that wasn't the only reason, it was also out of love for Rio. Rio however did all he could, motivated by love hoping to see her again unaware of Long's true intentions.

While they were reunited, it wasn't very much so much of a happy one as Long reveals his final form. Long reveals his final form and kills Melee which saddens Rio. Rio out of desperation does a sacrificial attack which joins them together. Once again reunited, the two of them hoping to be reborn again (as it is the myth of Gekiranger) in the afterlife. Prior to that, the two of them however guided the Gekirangers to the key to unifying their opposing clans as a means to defeat Long once and for all.

In the later events of Gekiranger vs. Go-onger the two return once again, sharing their eternal love. Whether or not Go-onger and Gekiranger are canon is up to fan's imagination. Somehow, Toei themselves said most series are not canon so it'll take a LOT of time to figure it out. :-P


  1. These two are awesome!

    Y'know, I noticed that Sentai black warriors have had the role to rival the Red warriors multiple times in the show. But this time, Rio is completely on the villains side.

    Maybe Mele is a possibility of future female green warriors being the "black" to the Yellow or Pink. Looking at Sentai's history, Ran and Mele was probably the first time when two female warriors had a rivalry together.

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