Sentai and Classical Music

Somehow classical music is added into Super Sentai, new or old at times. I can't recognize the sonata but I can remember a few Super Sentai where classical music was used as well. So far Super Sentai had managed to play a few classical music tunes right into some series. They are inserted into the scenery (rather than from the BGM collection) to portray intense of feelings of love, hate, happiness and regret, even death.

Here's a few I can remember:

In Bioman, Hikaru Katsuragi played the flute occasionally which I don't know what sonata she plays. I think it has something to do with her feelings.

I can remember the feelings of sadness when it came to Ryo Asoka/X-1 Mask (who appeared only in episode 39) when he remembered his dead girlfriend. Another was in Maskman episode 40 where a lone survivor of a music tribe is a champion pianist.

I think the most memorable has to be Jetman's Appassionata by Ludwig Van Beethoven which Rie Aoi played as her true self and her false self- which rather had some kind of message. It was with Ryu Tendo where he missed her piano playing so much. Also, Kaori Rokumekan played a classical sonata whenever she was stressed out. The song of Appassionata reminds me too much of my first love too.

Well for Dairanger and later Gekiranger, they just LOVED Chinese classical music which really fits SO WELL for the shows.

Kakuranger and later Hurricanger used Japanese classical music which again, fits SO WELL.

For Boukenger, I think there was this party event also which played some classical music, well it was expected due to the event.

Honestly speaking, I don't know every song in the classical music album so be kind to comment and correct me with the information I need.

As of late, newer Sentai doesn't put so much of classical music though. :-P


  1. i love this episode so much.because majo maroyama played justice to her role as rie aoi/maria.


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