Sentai and the Iconic Flame Swords

Super Sentai had some fire swords which were kind of iconic. Now let's see how them. Note most of them used real flames.

Gou Shirou/Red One had the flame sword which the scene used real flames during filming.

Kakuranger's Muteki Daishogun used a flaming sword. In one episode, Sasuke/Ninja Red used a shrunken version of the sword to fight the enemies. The set used real flames NOT CGI.

In Shinkenger, I believe they had to use CGI for one good reason as the sword was too big and the flames started while the sword was on Takeru/Shinken Red's shoulders. So I guess it's pretty excusable Shinkenger doesn't use real flames otherwise much injury may occur to the stuntman doing it or especially that swinging a flaming blade that big is TOO difficult with real flames.

Strangely enough for Goseiger, the finishing move uses footage with CGI flames when the attack starts up but when it's time to finish the enemy then...real flames are used instead. Nice editing if you ask me.


  1. FL is right. Gotta love the flaming swords. :D

  2. flaming swords are very interesting and fun to watch

  3. By

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  4. You've forgot that in Timeranger VS gogov that Victory robo uses the Flame sword to finish the enemy & lend it to the time robo.

  5. Could you possible tell me the episode in kakuranger where red used the sword? I cant find the info anywhere.


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