Sentai Marks in Thuy Trang and Her Role as Trini Kwan

I think while Zack Taylor was more of a reference to Battle Kenya while being a more original character, well Trini Kwan seems to blend in several past Sentai characters while having NONE of Boi's personality from Zyuranger whatsoever maybe due to gender differences. Here are some of those marks I can find.

I think her first mark may be that she like Yuki Yajima (who sadly only appeared for nine episodes in Bioman) was chosen for having kick ass martial arts skills to play the part of Mika Koizumi. The character Trini Kwan was a gusty, aggressive lady with a love for nature. In the later part of the second season, she had salary disputes with Saban Entertainment just as Yuki Yajima had it with Japan Action Club, had enough and left the set. Both also had rather iconic fight scenes out of suit. Both actresses were rumored to have been fired.

Another mark in Trini Kwan is the character Haruka from Maskman. There were times Trini Kwan was like less girlie in the show. However she was a less kick-ass version of Haruka due to her not being raised as a ninja. Her friendship with Kimberly Hart was like Haruka and Momoko but Kimberly Hart wasn't as kick-ass as Momoko was. I think Thuy Trang's filming of her out-of-suit battle with the praying mantis monster was a tribute to Haruka in Maskman.

Perhaps the most bizarre has to be this- Mika Koizumi the first female yellow ranger in Sentai dies in Bioman (in script), later on a car accident in real life claimed Thuy Trang's life on September 3, 2001. I even wrote a tribute to her prior to this entry.


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