Sentai Visors

Super Sentai had some "evolution" in the visors. The following types of visors happened such as...

Goranger's visors were not like the traditional ones. In fact, it was more like the one with tiny holes which was also used in JAKQ.

Battle Fever J had "eye visors" instead of the visors from Goranger and JAKQ.

Denziman started the "shades type" of visor which is the most prevalent today. Most of them come in slightly modified in shape visors.

The Fivemen's visors had some "lines" on them. I wonder how it doesn't distract them. :-P

The Ohrangers started the more uniquely shaped visors.

And who can forget the colorful visors of Timeranger too? I think they were personally my favorite.


  1. This is the first time I've noticed Timeranger's colored visors. I always thought them being very minimalistic in designs (nothing special I should say) but men that makes them so unique and great!


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