Some Interesting Hayato Tani Pictures

Ah yes who can forget dear Hayato Tani that awesome commander in Maskman? Now I think it's time to present some of these photos before and after Maskman. Enjoy!

This was the time he was much younger.

Hayato Tani as a crook.

Hayato Tani in "Dear Teacher".

Some 1970s show- have no idea what this is!

Hayato Tani's marriage to Kikkou Matsuoka.

Shaking the hands of an unknown fan.

I only recognize him in this photo.

Hayato Tani with Kikkou Matsuoka and
Hiroyuki Suzuki and son Yoriyuki Suzuki.

Hayato Tani and his wife on vacation.

Hayato Tani as a businessman.


  1. I think the 1970s picture is from the TV show "Key Hunter," which featured legendary actors Tetsuro Tamba and Sonny Chiba.

  2. Actually, I stand corrected. It looks like it's actually from "Eyeful Daisakusen," was sort of a spin-off/sequel/related series to "Key Hunter." Like "Key Hunter," it also co-starred Tetsuro Tamba (the one wearing the fedora hat). (Sonny Chiba, however, was NOT in Eyeful)


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