Some More Older Sentai Senior Photos

Here are more rare finds of older Sentai cast members in their older photos. Ha ha. Too bad we don't know much of what they're doing.

Here's a reunion of Ryosuke Sakamoto and Michiko Makino. Time has already passed on them. How old are they now? If I'm not wrong, they look like they're in their 50s already. Hikaru Katsuragi despite her aged self still looks recognizable for some reason. On the other hand, Ryosuke Sakamoto has gained a LOT of weight. I really wished Michiko Makino would have played as the mother of Ran in Gekiranger or as Mako's mother in Shinkenger. :-( Women do age faster. :-(

Ryosuke Sakamoto with other Sentai alumni. If you know who they are, please comment. I wonder why we don't see these guys guest star as parents in Super Sentai?

Keijiro Shiga who acted as Baraba in Maskman. I really wish he'll appear as a villain in Goseiger.

Yuko Asuka the woman we know who played as Farrah (at the left) and if I'm not wrong, with her husband Hikaru Kurosaki (they met in Bioman episode 35). She's really aged. I wonder how old she is?

A close-up photo of Kenta Satou eating in a Japanese restaurant. Honestly speaking, he looks kind of different like he gained weight. Fortunately he didn't have as much drastic natural change as Austin St. John.

An older picture of Noriko Fujiwara otherwise we know her as Haruna Morikawa/Pink Turbo.

Sayuri Uchida and Rika Kishida of Jetman fame. Honestly speaking, they haven't aged but don't like Rika Kishida's hairstyle. I wonder if Sayuri Uchida is married to a Chinese man.

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  1. Yuko Asuka is 54 (as of 2/19/2010).

  2. lol I could imagine if they put the Sentai suits back on. hahaha

  3. omg! haruna (pink turbo) looks so different. i actually didn't recognize her until i read the caption. hahahaha. :) she's so pretty still. keep updating us with sentai actors! thanks! i also don't like rika kishida's hair. :P

  4. I can't really tell who these guys are, besides Kenta Satou.

    Can you name the roles they played?

    Anyways, great blog!
    Want to have a link exchange to mine?

  5. any guys rika kishida have a cancer that i heard and haruna of turbo ranger is a teacher now in cooking

  6. Yuko "farah" asuka passed away last december 2011, aged 56


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