Super Sentai Dice-O

I learned of this from Lavender Ranger's Henshin Grid blog that an event this big took over.

What was that? Well as there are mascots of the red rangers from Goranger to Goseiger, also many fans dressed up as red rangers too. It was the promotion of Super Sentai Dice-O which is kind of a battle/strategy game between two people. Too bad though we NEVER get to see the Goseiger cast there.

Here's a promotion of the arcade game. However I may not be very interested in getting it if a home version comes because I'm not so interested in playing video games anymore but I do occasionally. I'm more of a writer and currently learning some styles in photography.

Looking at the gameplay, my ideal team of five may be Red Turbo, Dragon Ranger, Kiba Ranger, Oh Red and Abare Black for starters.


  1. Found another promo:

    Looks like a fun little simple game. Definitely something for the fans to love. Get to see who can finally beat who in the Sentai franchise.

    Though too bad that villains aren't playable. But oh well. They didn't have villains in Kamen Rider's Ganbaride. They should though. Mikoto, Rio, and Mele all better be playable! >:(

    I thought it looked funny how the ads show the Shinkengers destroying the Go-ongers. Must've made some fans happy. :P

    I kind of wondered why Akaranger, DekaGreen, HurricaneBlue, Vul Panther, and Change Pheonix were the five chosen ones to represent the game? I'm surprised Big One wasn't one of them.

    I think its really neat how one can create their own Super Sentai team, with a combination of any five warriors all across the generations. And it even allows us to use more than one color on a team! And using red as leader isn't a requirement. This gives a lot of awesome freedom! ^_^

    I'm gonna try and figure out what sort of team I'd like to make. Hey sean, out of curiosity, who would you put together for a team? Or teams if you've got more than one idea?

  2. *looks up* Wow, how can one type all that? World Record for Fantasy Leader! lol

    Anyways, I really wanna know more about this arcade game. The picture you posted is kinda funny, to be honest. hehe

  3. @DancingAlienDude

    I just like funny pictures. After all, Sentai has its really LOL moments too.


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