Takeru's Back and Shinkenger's End is Near

Finally it's time to see the end of Shinkenger. Unlike older American shows, Sentai is usually given a proper finale. That's what's good about it- when a series ends, you can watch it all over again without much drag.

Takeru is back and meaner than ever. He will be leading the Shinkengers. I guess now I find out the hard way he's more bad-ass than Red Mask was in the 80s making him the better Takeru especially in his fight against Juzo which had MORE PLOT than Red Mask's final battle with Baraba since theirs was just too focused on Baraba's chance of redemption and failing it.

Honestly speaking, I really wanted Kaoru Shiba to also fight by their side because they may need two Shinken Reds to defeat the Gedoushu.

Finally Blood Feast Doukouku has emerged and returned, he is up to once again cause harm to humanity.

And what's next? Finally the Gedoushu are going to lead their final assault against humanity. Well mankind can be so bad but they're even worse because even the innocent will get hurt. It's up to the Shinkengers to send these people to whence they came! This finale is bound to be intense, more intense when Doukoku attempts to drown the world into darkness. He's meaner, more evil than Zeba ever was in Maskman.

Hopefully Takeru and Mako will be together. I find them much like Red Mask and Pink Mask. In fact, they're leading in the polls as best chosen couple. :-P

Let's just hope her cooking skills will improve before the series ends. She's such a horrible cook though. If you've seen Ranma 1/2, she may remind you of Akane Tendo.


  1. Last few eps have been epic. Kinda sad that its just one ep left. :P

    Oh well. I've had to experience the end of Sentai seasons several times. XD

    Most likely that the Takeru/Mako pairing is going to be left up to fanfiction. Just like the Takeru/Momoko pairing. It just so looks like Toei is going to do that. LOL

    Though I'm kind of wondering how much they are going to fit into the last 23 minute episode? Looking forward to Shinkenger's special ending credits! :D


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