Types of Sentai Fighting Scenes

So far I think Super Sentai has some types of fighting scenes we can notice. Here are some of them:

We have the traditional flips and kicks in a fight, whether in suit or out of suit. In fact, doing all the tumbling, back flips and rolls make a fight scene good.  Of course raw fist fighting accompanied by kicks is really cool in Sentai, it's the most common stuff that fuels the fight scenes. Maskman, Dairanger and Gekiranger really had all those fists of fury which almost equaled the majesty of Chinese action cinema. It happens usually with civilian fight scenes then transitions to suited scenes.

Air combat and jump kicks are another way of fighting.

We have the classic self-defense grabs used.

There are also motorcycle stunts which was very prevalent during the 90s sentai when motorbikes were frequently used. Lately there hasn't been much of this for some reason.

We just can't do without a good old one-on-one battles can we? In fact, despite it being cliche, it's still enjoyable. They range from the common rivalry to the final battle.

Since some Sentai carry their own unique weapons too, when they use them a lot in battle.

Perhaps the most notorious are the jumping from high places whether they may be building tops or even from their respective mecha.


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