What I Think of the First Episode of Goseiger

The fact is as Goseiger started yesterday but I was too tired, I'll write on what I think.

This picture gives the feeling of Dragon Quest IX or Final Fantasy. Woohoo! I wonder if Squaresoft took part because it seems to have the RPG feel unlike previous Super Sentai. I think there's not much action yet but I hope they get better. I just wonder why they are called "angels" if they are according to Wikipedia a "race of humans"? Boggle... boggle...

Honestly speaking after reading the latest update on Dragon Quest, the story seems to have inspired Goseiger. I don't play computer games as much as I used to except for fighting games like Tekken 5 on the PS2 against my cousins or my sister. Also it gives me the feeling of Final Fantasy so I expect myself not to like the series easily because I'm not much of an RPG fan.

The first episode was kind of a modest effort and I believe it can do better. One part scared me though- it was the part where the baby carriage fell and Gosei Red caught it fortunately. However the two women were just too stuck with gossip to even notice that the events happened.

And of course, it's glad to hear the voices of Shozo Iizuka as Great King Monsdrake (he voiced all three main villains in the Space Sheriff Trilogy) as well as Rikiya Komaya as Dereputa (Joe in Kamen Rider Black RX) once again. I just hope an older Rikiya Komaya could return to do some kick ass action or perhaps Hiroshi Miyauchi even if Takumi Hirose is not likely to return.

I kind of think that these foot soldiers are really quite a menace. I just hope the next fights will involve civilian fight scenes prior to morphing into Goseigers.

The episode was more like a standard first episode back int he 80s where there's not much action until the succeeding episode. I think. :-P


  1. Now that you mention it, Goseiger does have a very JRPG feel.

    Man, I don't know why, but I'm analyzing the first ep of Goseiger so much. I mean, the series is still starting, yet I feel like I already got the sense of the show. Which is weird. But good thing I don't judge quickly. LOL. XD


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