Wuxia Styled Foot Soldiers

Here are Super Sentai foot soldiers that are apparently Wuxia inspired. They are:

In Dairanger we have the extremely scary-looking, Chinese assassin motif in the Cotporos soldiers of the Gorma. What's their point? Well they are very well-trained in martial arts and they are lethal assassins, something not very present in most Sentai. They also have the ability to disguise themselves as regular humans if need be as well as blend into the shadows which is but part of their duty because they need it to assassinate people.

It's not clear in Dairanger whether they are actually citizens of Gorma enlisted in the military or born from clay. I can only assume that it's a mixture of both if the Emperor needs more soldiers, he should use more clay soldiers and fortunately such technology doesn't exist in real life. But again, Gorma has a HUGE population that it still survived even after 50 years of its defeat. Most of the soldiers are male in gender. The Dairangers usually just knocked them out seeing that they didn't shatter like Lord Zedd's putties in MMPR season two or deflated like the Hidrers in Changeman.

More side comments- they will naturally outbest the Golems in Zyuranger and the Zyurangers.

The Rinshi of Gekiranger have a more obvious Chinese motif in their attires. I think they kind of look funny since they look more like waiters I see in a Chinese restaurant. However don't underestimate them because they sure can kick ass and they seem to have high intelligence. In one infamous episode, they show they could really dance. Ha ha ha! Let them join in a dance show!

They are actually zombie warriors of warriors dead past, something a little more different for Sentai foot soldiers. When they reach a higher level, they wear another mask. They are undead so when they are defeated, they naturally go back to being dead. The number of these soldiers are currently unknown and clearly not all of them die again in battle.

Somewhat irrelevant is...
Although Boukenger isn't Wuxia inspired, the Jaryuus for me are somewhat Chinese inspired. Lemuria is part of Chinese mythology as well aside from Indian. They have the Chinese dragon look. They are also the first foot soldiers that gain a stronger form to become the monster-of-the-week under their leader Ryuon.


  1. There are just some foot soldiers that are more awesome than others. :)


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