Datas of Goseiger

Goseiger episode 4 was a little hilarious with this new type of assistant android. Well Super Sentai had its own list of android assistants, I think it's about time a new one comes along. At first he appears to be an arcade machine but he was sent by the "Zordon" (whose corporeal form was based on Barza of Zyuranger) of the series, Gosei Head, and he's sent there to help warn the stranded Goseigers in fighting the Warstar empire and also as means of communicating with their mentor.

Anyway I kind of feel like Goseiger is trying to feel more like the 80s Sentai with this robot since there weren't much android assistants later on. In the 90s we only had Fiveman's Arthur G6 who was also battle equipment and in 2000s, we had TAC and Robota for Timeranger and Murphy for Dekaranger. But I find him rather weird and innovative.

Hmmm MMPR feel anyone with a better touch? First you have "Zordon", now you have "Alpha" and for a little of PRIS feel you've got a Professor Phenomenus equivalent though such wacky professors exist in Metal Hero at first- who can remember the crazy scientist in Gavan and Sharivan who was way too obsessed with alien life?


  1. Yeah, I was thinking "Arthur and Magu's big comeback!" XD

    btw Sean. glad to see you're back! ;)


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