Go-onger vs. RPM: Mixed Reactions

The thing is due to what many PR as well as Sentai fans think that Disney has done to PR that may have caused some disputes between Go-onger and RPM. However I usually think it's based on cultural bias and nothing more. :-P

Anyway here was where Go-onger and RPM drew the line in some ways. Now a comparison:

Go-onger was a lighthearted Sentai which MANY serious fans labeled to be as campy if not campier than Power Rangers. The series itself was kind of nothing special for me at the start but a closer look, it does have its awesome moments and even some sense comes out or even teary moments despite the series being funny. It even had a rather apocalyptic finale despite the series' theme of being lighthearted which affected not only Earth but also the Braneworlds that surrounded them. As for me, I think Go-onger may be a good retreat from dark and serious Sentai but the finale is otherwise way too serious for a series not meant to be that way.

On the other hand, Power Rangers RPM was a serious theme where humanity is about to crumble which kind of reminds me of the very old anime series Space Carrier Blue Noah (which lasted for 24 episodes) because of the rather doomsday theme where the whole series has the gloom and doom rather than the standard formula where the apocalyptic scenario happens towards the end. However the finale was kind of lame for some fans, in fact I think the finale is even worse than to that of Liveman's.

Well it kind of created some mixed reactions. Some of the PR fanboys as well as some Sentai fans criticized Go-onger to be too lighthearted. On the other hand, some Sentai fans considered Go-onger to be way better than RPM despite its being lighthearted which some say the plots of the Braneworlds seem to give an "intense feel" to the lighthearted series.


  1. I felt Go-Onger was good and lighthearted (except the finale), but not that bad, but on the other hand, I felt that Power Rangers RPM was an insult to Go-Onger and an insult to Super Sentai as a whole.


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