Goseiger Epic 5 and Seaick Goseigreat

Goseiger epic 5 has the battle against the Uchuseruzo which has a very well hidden weak spot. I kind of find the episode kind of scary with the idea of converting smart students into Bibis (I wonder if Power Rangers Super Legends' non-canon plot of Lord Zedd attempting to convert everyone into Z-Putties inspired this?!) which the Goseigers couldn't harm them. How did it happen you ask? Well it was through a deadly flu virus that hit the students which mutates them into Bibis, I believe so Warstar can easily conquer Earth.

He was one incredibly tough monster due to his armor. I believe his deployment may have something to do with the idea, "Well humans walk to self-destruction daily and most do evil to get their way. Why not turn their children into bibis rather than let them follow the right and the Goseigers will lose their will to fight." Hee hee. Just a thought. The whole episode was focused on Gosei Blue thus makes sense why Seaick Goseigreat also made its first appearance.

Also it's the first time that the Seaick Goseigreat is formed to assist them get rid of the incredibly hard to find weak spot of the monster of the week. Sigh... only if Lord Zedd did it to his putties!