Goseiger Epic 6

In Goseiger epic 6 we finally see the emergence of Dereputa into battle where a rivalry between him and Alata/Gosei Red develops along the way. I just hope Rikiya Koyama does appear in the flesh as a disguise that Dereputa will take, and I hope for a suitless battle too for Kamen Rider Black RX fans.

Also in this episode, the newest monster Hidou has super speed and Alata's weakness as a red ranger shows up. Alata is in really bad shape to the point his transformation suit wears off. He tries to do his best but ends up being beaten. It was awesome though.

The emergence of Landick Gosei Great is better (for me) than Seaick Gosei Great. It was the only thing that could counter the monster Hidou's incredible speed. BTW I kind of think if anybody who was stupid enough not to cross the street on a monster battle got squashed?