Goseiger Epic 7- Agri is Gardening

I guess Goseiger Epic 7's focus on Agri/Gosei Black makes so much sense. Why? To think about it, Agri is short for agriculture (and I have an aunt who engages in that kind of business too as she sells seeds). To protect Eri's/Gosei Pink's good name, gets it a competition with an old pervert who reminds me of somebody I know who's passed away long, long ago already. The gardening task is plain HILARIOUS. :-P Ha ha.

The monster of the week Abauta of the Research shows up and kidnaps Eri.

And the thing is, the gardening task does pay off in the challenge of beating Abauta of the Research. It's almost like Jan buffing the floors which later was helpful in defeating a bull-themed monster from Gekiranger. Only this time, it's a black ranger that's doing the job.

I kind of got reminded of the Bioman episode where Gear sought to create exploding flowers, Shingo/Green Two doing some gardening all because of the gardening theme.


  1. Agri's my fave character. Too bad his actor ditched showbiz to becomea lawyer :)


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