Happy Would've Been 72th Birthday Soga Machiko

It's a belated birthday (her birthday was last March 18) to one of our dearest Sentai departed (RIP) Soga Machiko who died from the same disease that claimed the life of my aunt who looked like Chinese actress Patricia Lam Fung (and strangely they were born in the same year too).

I could never forget the time she was Bandora in Zyuranger and the less nasty Rita Repulsa in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Before that, she was also Hedrian in Denziman and Sun Vulcan as well as Pandora in the Metal Hero series Spielban on the regular basis. Her last role was a minor one, as Magiel in Magiranger, who in Mystic Force was one and the same character with Rita Repulsa.

And honestly speaking, she plays a big role to the childhood of many Power Rangers and Super Sentai fans alike (in extension to the left unfinished VR Troopers because Spielban footage was carried over for that episode) and she was the best evil queen ever for me!


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