Liveman Marks in Hurricanger

Thanks to Fantasy Leader, I kind of want to write about Liveman marks in Hurricanger such as:

The first three members Yusuke, Kouta and Nanami are colored as red, yellow and blue respectively with the same gender arrangements as Liveman. Even their mecha are falcon, lion and dolphin respectively. They were chosen as the most unlikely heroes in the ninja academy the day they got attacked by the evil Tao Zanto.

Both Jakanja and Volt are in outer space although both groups are kind of different. The similarity is that they look down at humanity with much contempt and they worship their leaders as gods. They attacked the school, presumably with some reason of rivalry. Rather than being too sci-fi, they somewhat combined scientific and supernatural powers like aliens in a Japanese myth.

Sargain is kind of a tribute to Gash being an android who uses his bazooka to enlarge monsters although he wasn't the only person who does the job. Also he perished at the hands of Sandaru.

Tao Zanto absorbed the evil knowledge of his subordinates just as much as Dr. Bias attempted to with his. He also betrayed his own subordinates (while being schemed against by his own subordinate Sandaru who wanted to take over) in order to achieve his final form. Both he and Dr. Bias also are actually very old and with that knowledge, he was destroyed. He would be the type of deity Bias would worship.

Senpujin is kind of a modern version of the Live Robo.

Eventually two more members were added (but they had beetles for mecha) namely Ikkou and Shishou but with a twist- both were similar to the students of Liveman who joined Volt for power. However they ended up joining the Hurricangers seeing the error of their ways.

The introduction of the Gouraijin was kind of like the introduction of the Live Boxer in Liveman but it used beetle-themed mecha instead.

Eventually when things get rough, the combination of the Senpujin and Gouraijin to defeat a tougher enemy is like the Super Live Robo.


  1. Love this post. ^_^

    To me, Wendinu's bazooka reminded me of Gash's Giga Phantom.

    When Furabijo was giving scores to the other Spears, it reminded me of when Bias gave IQ points to his students.

  2. Actually, Hurricane Red was named "Yousuke" (鷹介), not "Yuusuke" (勇介), but I guess it would be a bit easy to get them confused.

  3. It's possible that Yousuke might've been intended to sound like Yuusuke.


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