Poll Announcement for March 14, 2010

Here are the polls that I'm about to close now. Hee hee. I've got to master the time zone system between here and there. :-P

Who do you think is hotter? 37/56 voted for Mei, 19/56 voted for Kimberly. Heh I'm on the Kimberly side even if I'm Oriental in ethnicity.

Which Sentai should Saban have used for MMPR? We have 32/55 votes for Turboranger, 23/55 for Jetman.

Concerning Goseiger here are some of the questions:

Which series had a better premiere between Shinkenger and Goseiger? 29/56 voted for Goseiger, 27/48 voted for Shinkenger.

Do you want Goseiger to have a Power Rangers version? Funny that in the past when I asked about Shinkenger, many said no with a good support of 181 votes and 98 votes said yes this time, 39/56 said yes and 26/65 said no. Weird huh.

Does Goseiger have a Final Fantasy feel? 35/48 said yes, 13/48 said no.

How do you feel about Shozo Izuka voicing Great King Monsdrake? 21/40 think it's awesome, 18/40 think it's okay and 1/40 thinks it's awful.

Do you tend to mix Power Rangers and Sentai terms? 30/65 said yes, 35/65 said no. Hmmm I assume they're hardy Sentai fans.

Do you find Kimberly Hart hotter and sexier than the rest of PR and Sentai girls? 21/58 said yes (I'm in this crowd) and 37/58 said no.

Most overrated Sentai show? Just as I expect, it's still Jetman with 14/71 votes then we have Magiranger with 10/71 votes, Turboranger with 9/71 votes, Dekaranger with 8/71 votes, Maskman and Gekiranger with 7/71 votes, Boukenger with 6/71 votes, Dairanger and Timeranger with 3/71 votes and Hurricanger with 2/71 votes.