Pre-PR Sentai Marks I See in Jason Lee Scott

Perhaps I'd like to really also include the ever iconic Jason Lee Scott, the original red ranger who I felt wasn't meant to be the first red ranger at first decision of the writers. In fact, I'd like to show some pre-PR Sentai characters that may have inspired his creation as he was hardly close to his Zyuranger/Dairanger counterparts Geki/Tyrano Ranger and Ryu/Ryu Ranger:

For some reason, Jason Lee Scott reminds me of Kenta/Black Mask from Maskman although he was no playboy. I bet it was more on his leadership skills. In fact, I kind of thought sometimes before that Kenta not Takeru should've leader. Likewise Jason reminded me of this guy.

Another character that crosses into my mind is Daichi Yamagata/Black Turbo of Turboranger with the leadership skills and not to mention the dramatic yells that both characters do. In fact I kind of thought that Tommy and Jason were contrast characters- one leaps before he looks, the other does the opposite.

Anyway I think he is sort of like Ryu Tendo- or maybe a picture of a growing Ryu Tendo but he wasn't as great considering that the two have different environments.

Other rangers included are Kimberly Hart, Tommy Oliver and Trini Kwan.